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Military Fitness


Welcome to MILITARYFITNESS.COM.AU where we have a solution for whatever your fitness needs maybe… however large or small!

Why choose MILITARYFITNESS.COM.AU I hear you ask?

The answer lies in the fact that our lead instructors have withstood the rigours of military training with elite units in the Army or Navy. They have either been former or are current members of the Australian Defence Force. During time spent in service they have shown the 'Never give up – Can do' attitude which they will use to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

You may have seen our instructors on the front cover of fitness publications, featured in fitness articles or in the national newspapers. You may have seen our instructors during television segments or on fitness DVDs. Maybe one of our instructors was the MC at the last national sporting event you attended or was the strength and conditioning coach you saw putting that elite sporting team through its paces.

Our instructors are leaders in the Australian Fitness Industry and have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Members of our team have guided countless personal trainers through there Certifications with the Australian Fitness Industries premiere Registered Training Organisation. We have presented and run training workshops at FILEX, the Australian Fitness Convention. We are the trainers that allied health professionals and other fitness trainers turn to when they need help!

We have a mature, friendly and professional team who do not stand for belittling or berating, only motivation and support. We practice what we preach and will never ask you to do anything we have not, or cannot do ourselves.

Most importantly all of the above mentioned helps the MILITARYFITNESS.COM.AU team perform its real specialty, which is helping people just like you realise fitness results that once may not have seemed achievable. Why are we so good at this? Simple, because we care about you and your goals. To us, you are not a number. You are a unique individual that we would love to help. No man or women gets left behind!

If you want to be your best, then train with the best. We have helped thousands of Australians achieve success on their fitness journeys, now it's time to let us help you!

Yours in good health,