Military Fitness


For years the Australian Defence Force have used a 13 week program to ready their finest candidates for the rigours of Special Forces selection… now it's your turn!

The MILITARYFITNESS.COM.AU 13 Week Program is a systematic way to achieve the results you've always wanted but never known how to obtain. It's about changing your habits for the better. It's a transformation, both physically and mentally.

In 13 weeks you will be different:
You will be a stronger
You will be leaner
You will be healthier
You will have more energy
You will be more focused
You will be a new you

When you commit to the 13 week program we commit to you. You will receive carefully structured workouts to follow each week, easy to understand nutritional information and email support to help guide you during your transformation. If you feel like you need a little more face to face help we are happy to assist you with that too!

You have already taken the first step on your journey to success by coming to MILITARYFITNESS.COM.AU and reading this. Take the next step and contact us now!